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Maranello Kart UK, PF International Kart Circuit, Brandon, Lincolnshire, NG32 2AY


The range of chassis offered by Maranello Kart are designed to meet the needs of a wide cross section of drivers. All the frames are designed by and frame tube is chosen to Maranello Kart’s own specification and hand welded at CRG. All the components such as axles and stub axles are manufactured by CRG again to Maranello Kart’s own specifications.

The karts are then assembled by hand at Maranello Kart team headquarters ensuring the highest quality and best choice of material to give the customer a kart that regularly performs at the highest levels of competition but also retains the structural integrity of the frame over time, just as the Maranello Kart company’s motto says: Forever Competitive.

MK3 RS10
Description The M3 is a 30mm frame and is perfectly neutral and forgiving in its handling. The perfect chassis to just put down on the track and go. It needs little if any adjustment. Driver satisfaction guaranteed! The 32mm RS10 is a stiff frame and very well suited to KZ1 and KZ2.
  • £2600+VAT for X30 and Rotax
  • £3250+VAT for KZ spec


All the Maranello chassis come as standard with the Sniper caster/camber adjusters which allow the caster and camber to be changed independently of each other.


All the Maranello Kart chassis come with probably the best brake system on the market today, the VEN10 rear brake system which incorporates a floating ventilated disc.

The VEN10 front brake system is used in the KZ classes and features a pair of ventilated front discs and brake calipers operated from the brake pedal and the dual master cylinder.

The VEN09 system (below) is the front brake used in KF1, KF2 and in Euro Max.  The calipers are actuated by means of a lever on the steering column.